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Building Wealth Through Airbnb

Four years ago, I decided to list my first apartment on Airbnb. Little did I know, that space would end up making me an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month! Things just sort of snowballed after that.

From that OG BnB to everything that followed, I kept reinvesting what I earned into more creative experiences. I’ve done a little bit of everything–rental arbitrage, house hacking, glamping, tiny houses, tree houses–you name it.

And now? That side hustle has transformed into 14 rental properties that make a monthly profit of $25,000 (and counting)!

But whew...There are so many things about Airbnb that I wish I had known from the start.

For better or worse, I’m the kind of guy who likes to jump out of an airplane and assemble the parachute on the way down. But it saves you so much trouble if the parachute is already assembled for you, and the guidebook is already written, OR if you have a mentor to whip you into shape.

I didn’t have any of that, but you can. That’s exactly why I created Host Camp. I bottled up everything I’ve learned (the hard way) on this journey and now I’m sharing it with you.

Host Camp 3.0:
Lifetime Accelerator of Robuilt Mentorship

Thanks to some incredible feedback from the Founding Members, I’ve optimized Host Camp into a lifetime accelerator program. 


What is Host Camp?

No, it’s not my new short-term rental reality show (hit me up though, Netflix). It’s a lifetime Airbnb accelerator program jam-packed with everything I’ve ever learned about short-term rentals.

Unlock your Superhost potential and quickly start profiting from your Airbnb business. Use the step-by-step program materials and  coaching calls with me to seamlessly build your business.

Superhost Secrets

You can learn from my experience rather than working through every obstacle alone. This mentorship program covers things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Successful Strategies

There’s certainly more than one way to Airbnb. Host Camp dives deep into the strategies that have proven successful for me over the last four years.

Comprehensive AF

There’s no need to sift through hours of Youtube content (unless it’s mine of course!) or search results to find what’s relevant. I cover EVERYTHING from start to finish.


Hi, I’m Rob. I share my short-term rental expertise and DIY adventures with more than 225,000 subscribers on the Robuilt Youtube channel. I’m an Airbnb Superhost with millions of dollars in booked reservations across 14 short-term rentals (and counting). Over the last four years, I’ve hosted tens of thousands of people from around the world in tiny places and unique spaces.


Your Step-by-Step Program to Become a Superhost

Module 1:

Getting Started

Define a short-term rental strategy and learn the pros and cons of rental arbitrage. Spoiler: I advocate building wealth through owning properties.

Module 2:

Intro to Short-Term Rentals

Is there money to be made with Airbnb? How has COVID-19 impacted the business? We’ll unpack some key details right away.

Module 3:

The Market Research

Take a deep dive into analyzing a potential deal. What returns can you expect from rental arbitrage vs. owning a property?

Module 4:

Buying a Property

Home buying, lending, new construction and other considerations for making your investment also work as a long-term rental.

Module 5:

Setting Up Your Unit

How much should you budget to furnish your space? I’ll share where I buy everything for my units–from essential items to statement pieces.

Module 6:

Listing Tips

My top listing tips plus advice for check-in and check-out policies, instant booking, house rules, minimum night stays and more.

Module 7:

Operation & Automation

How to automate your systems in order to manage your property long distance. Should you hire a co-host? Who else do you need to hire?

Module 8:

Hosting 101

Unlock the secrets to Superhosting–accommodating guests, discounts, review management, and determining cancellations and refunds.


Go For Launch

See Host Camper's Live Listings on Airbnb. Yours is next!

Supercharge Your Superhosting With These BONUSES

Enroll in Host Camp and you’ll ALSO get:

Group Coaching Calls ($4,997+ Value)

The New and Improved Host Camp includes monthly coaching calls with me… for an entire year! Plus, you’ll get access to the recordings for a year too!

Extensive Video Library ($2,997+ Value)

Follow step-by-step with 80+ original videos covering everything from market research to automation.

Facebook Group Access (PRICELESS)

Network, share insights and maybe even partner up with other students in the Host Camp Facebook group.

Downloadable Resources ($997 Value)

Download various handouts like a shopping list to furnish your units, automated messaging templates, Airbnb listing tips and MORE.

Lifetime Access ($997 Value)

Get lifetime access to all existing and new curriculum content for the Host Camp program.

Plus, You'll Unlock Previous LIVE Content...

Weekly Coaching with Rob's Team of Experts

($4,997 Value)

View recordings of my past live group coaching calls with Host Camp founding members.

Guest Speaker Vault

($1,997 Value)

Listen in on previous guest speakers, including my CPA and attorney, who shared expert advice with OG Host Campers.

That's a value of $16,982!


Hear From Host Camp Students


Shyenne made $5,000 💰 on her first booking!


"8 Weeks After Going Live I Grossed $40,000"

- Kristen N.




"My first property grossed $10,000 in the first month"

- Thomas W.


$48,000 in 3 months!

"Since launching I've earned the Rare Find badge on Airbnb and we're on track to hit $100,000 this year."



"I was stuck in a state of fear and analysis paralysis...I joined Host Camp and...I'm really excited to go live on our 1st Short term rental!

-Olivia H.


"We just got 1 launched and have $7,000 of revenue coming in"

-Jonathan S.


If You’re Serious About This Airbnb Thing, Let’s Do It

If you’ve been researching and planning and dreaming about your potential success with short-term rentals, now is the perfect time for you to take the first step. I’m only where I am today because of years of hard work and countless Chipotle burritos (but that’s besides the point). The work for you will be significantly less hard when you take advantage of everything Host Camp has to offer.

This program is NOT right for you if…

  1. You’re not willing to put in the work to produce thousands of dollars of monthly income.
  2. You don't believe you can create a successful business where you are the boss.
  3. You don’t want insider tips, coaching calls or hours of valuable content to help you succeed.
  4. You are looking to get rich quick. That’s not what this program is. It took me many years of hard work to get where I am—the keyword being hard work.

This program IS RIGHT FOR YOU if...

  1. You are serious about establishing your own Airbnb business.
  2. You want tips and insights from an established Airbnb mentor.
  3. You enjoy real estate, interior design and/or creating unique experiences for guests.
  4. You’re interested in building cash flow and/or building wealth through Airbnb.
  5. You are ready to work.

I Had Some Humble Beginnings on Airbnb…

Now I get so excited waking up every day knowing I get to create a new stay or new experience for people– that means something to me. And I get paid to do it because people like staying at my places. It's through this business that I found myself as an entrepreneur and creative, and I want you to have the same opportunity.

  • That day you make your first listing…
  • Get your first booking...
  • Read your first 5-star review...
  • You’re going to feel very, very proud of yourself.

You’ll remember that day for the rest of your life!

I definitely do.

So, are you ready for it? I’m ready to give you all the tools I can to get you there. So how about we do this thing—and I mean reeeeally do this thing. Let's build something special, together.


How Much Our Students Are Making 


What’s the difference between Host Camp and Glamp Camp?

Host Camp is 100% focused on the fundamentals of starting an Airbnb business. We cover all the basics from analyzing deals to setting up and automating your unit. The curriculum doesn’t cover glamping content, although the topic does occasionally come up in the group coaching calls.

Should I still enroll if I’m already a short-term rental host?

Absolutely! As experienced hosts, we should never stop learning our craft. The best hosts are those who continue to be a student of the industry. With 80+ videos, a year of live coaching calls and an active Facebook community, there is something for EVERYONE in the Robuilt Host Camp Program.

Will Host Camp cover rental arbitrage?

Not really. There are a couple of videos that cover the topic, but this is not a rental arbitrage-focused curriculum. If that’s what you are seeking, there are plenty of other resources out there. Host Camp is entirely focused on the concept of acquiring homes to kick start your short-term rental business.

Is this a program for both Airbnb and VRBO hosts?

Yes! This program applies to any host in the short-term rental space.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

All live sessions are recorded and posted to the program library within 24 hours.

Chipotle or Qdoba?

This is an offensive question and we’ll be reporting you to the proper authorities immediately because obviously Chipotle reigns supreme over all burritos.

What My Students Are Saying...

"3 weeks to get my first property under contract"

- Ben

"Everything you're looking for in a real estate investment program"

- Ozzie


- Karen

"We had a perfect stay at Robert's place! The place is close to the main park entrances and business in the area, and the creative decoration and comfortable layout made for a very unique stay. Highly recommended."

– Carlos A.

"The chalet was the perfect space for getting away from it all. Secluded with cabin charms. My family and I enjoyed the views from the balcony, the hot tub and feeling at peace. Robert answered any and all questions quickly. Checking in and out was hassle free. It was hard to leave this cozy nest."

– Reine Z.

"Rob’s place was exactly as pictured- even cuter actually. I stayed for a month and it felt very homey. He even had little touches, like brand new, good smelling body wash and a brand new spatula that had provided some humor. Also, he has extra paper towels and toilet paper which really helped. Thanks again, Rob!"

– Katherine O.

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